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About us


Lolita Desu

 Small bits of Japan!~

The shop

 Lolita Desu is an online shop located in Japan, that ships worldwide.

We sell both vintage and new lolita clothing, accessories, stationary and cute stuff.
Recently, we have also added sections for a couple of other Harajuku fashion styles
(We do not offer shopping services - please refer to this post)

We often add new items to the shop, do discount and run events, so when that happens, we usually update our facebook page.

Have a request on what items we should add to the shop?
Contact us at lolitadesushop@hotmail.com to suggest them to us! (^-^*)/

The staff
Lolita Desu is currently run out of Japan by mainly by two people; "Fox & Turtle". Since the end of 2015, there has also been some part time additions to the team. What haven't changed though, is that our team are all madly in love with Japan and seek to share this joy with other enthusiasts from all over the world

  •  Fox (Founder, 27) is in charge of managing the shop, shopping, events and customer support.
  • Cat (新人, 25) helps out with several areas, including HR, shopping and creative suggestions.
  • Turtle (Full time, 27) helps out with Japanese language support, accounting and the "offline" part of the shop.
  • Lamb (Part time) creates product descriptions for the shop.
  • Poodle (Part time) creates product descriptions for the shop.

We offer fluent support in the following languages: English, Japanese & Danish.
We also offer basic level support in: Swedish, Norwegian and German. 

If you have any questions, feel free to message us at lolitadesushop@hotmail.com (^o^)/

Our story
Originally the shop was started on a hobby level by Fox in order to sell her own clothes, but after a while she moved to Japan and Bunny got involved on a consulting basis. The first year or so, they were both too consumed exploring Japan to focus on the shop and after that Bunny had to return home.
At the end of 2013 Cat became part of the team and for a short while, they both ran the shop on a part-time basis. However, Cat had to return home as well for a while and returned again Summer of 2016.
Due to having her hands full, Fox asked Turtle to help out in the fall of 2014. Since then, both have worked on improving what was originally a part-time business with many areas in need of improvement, into an online shop offering a wide range of styles and a professional service level.

We are not quite there yet, but are very much so working hard to get there! (_ _) ♡
(If you have any suggestions or constructive critisism, please feel free to contact us!)

Where to find us 
We can be found on several platforms and some of them are..







Who we support
We are monthly supporters of (on patreon): Deerstalker Pictures (2) and Crown Tea.
If you are in need of a sponsor for local events/local communities, we have supported local events before, by donating candy, gift cards etc.
Therefore, please don't hesitate to contact us regarding local event/community support~ 



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