Lolita Desu is moving (Platforms)!

Posted by Fox and Turtle on 28th Oct 2017

Over the last couple of years, we have been staying with the same provider, but errors have been getting worse, prices getting higher and customer service have been nonexistent.This is of course our p … read more

Lolita Desu's Guide to Classic Lolita ☆彡

Posted by Fawn on 23rd Oct 2017

Classic Lolita is a popular style of lolita that is focused on a mature and elegant look. This style is frequently inspired by the historical Victorian and Edwardian eras. This influence becomes … read more

Early Bird Halloween Sale~! ☆彡

Posted by Fox and Turtle on 17th Sep 2017

Early bird Halloween sale until the 21st! 20% off, as a thank you to our repeat customers! (No coupon code needed, discount is applied at checkout!)Please keep in mind that the discount only works for … read more
Halloween at Lolita Desu ☆彡

Halloween at Lolita Desu ☆彡

Posted by Fawn on 2nd Sep 2017

With October fast approaching, it is now time to finalize your Halloween coordinates! We stock a wide range of clothing and accessories that can help you create the perfect Halloween outfit or costume … read more
Lolita Desu's Gift Guide ☆彡

Lolita Desu's Gift Guide ☆彡

Posted by Fawn on 21st Aug 2017

Does your friend, partner, or pen pal have a birthday coming up soon? Are you holiday shopping? Or would you like to surprise someone special with a present “just because”? We’ve got you covered! We s … read more