Fur Collar (Several Colors)

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Fur Collar (Several Colors)

 Condition: A
(New or very good condition)

A faux fur collar in either white, black or brown. The fur collar can be closed/tied with a white ribbon (for the white one) or black ribbon (for the brown or black one). The collar is in new condition and have never been used before. 

Prints, materials and themes
Faux fur, fur, collar, ribbons and bows.

☆ Suggested coordinate tips
The collar would work great with classic lolita, gothic lolita and/or country lolita coordinates, especially forest or winter themed ones.

Suggested occasions for use
This collar is very elegant and cute, and would work great for events such as: christmas, walks in the forest, meetups, fashion shows or other outdoor events. 

Colors of the item
The collar comes either in white, black or brown x black.