Glitter Ribbon 2-way Bow in Pink

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Glitter Ribbon 2-way Bow in Pink

☆ Condition: B

Used condition with too much glue on the back and a smaller area close to it having peeled off.


☆ Description

A fun and glittery 2way bow ready to wear for any fun and colorful occasion. This rigid yet pliable 2way clip offers a pin back and an alligator clip that will easily attach to your wig, hair, bag, or clothing. Approx. 11 cm long.

☆ Prints, materials and themes
Glitter, bow, 2way clip, plastic. 


☆ Suggested coordinate tips
Easily attach this glitter 2way clip to your hair or on your clothing by itself for a pop of glittery color, but this bow is best used with lots of other bows and colorful glittery accessories. Great for decora, fairy kei, and sweet lolita looks. 


☆ Suggested occasions for use
Versatile enough to wear in a number of ways, this glitter bow clip is perfect for fun occasions out on the town with friends to concerts, cafes, or fashion shows. 


☆ Colors of the item

 Pink, glitter.