Jewel Shell Necklace in Pink from Angelic Pretty

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Jewel Shell Necklace in Pink from Angelic Pretty

 Condition: A
New in plastic.

A super cute necklace from Angelic Pretty. The necklace has a gold colored chain with small charm details including a star fish, heart, and pearl. It features a shell pendant that is made of clear plastic which has pieces of silver glitter running through it. The sea shell motif is decorated with the Angelic Pretty logo writing in the center, with a tiny pearl forming the dot of the 'i', and it has a cute bow detail at the base. 

Information according to Lolibrary:
Acrylic Resin
Gold Alloy

Motif Length: about 4.3cm
Motif Width: about 4.3cm
Chain Length: about 60cm

 Prints, materials and themes
Shells, sea, beach, mermaid, logo writing, bows, ribbons, plastic, glitter, chains, pearls, charms, hearts and stars.

☆ Suggested coordinate tips
The ring is ideal for sweet lolita and OTT sweet lolita. It would be well suited to mermaid or marine themed coordinates. Depending on how it is coordinated, it could also work well with other Japanese/Harajuku fashion styles, such as fairy kei and decora.

 Suggested occasions for use
This necklace could be worn on many different occasions, including meetups, tea parties, street fashion, concerts, and day trips to the beach.

 Colors of the item
The necklace is made of gold colored metal and has accents of pink, with silver glitter.