Lyrical Bunny Necklace in Pink from Angelic Pretty

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Lyrical Bunny Necklace in Pink from Angelic Pretty

Condition: B/C
Used with slight wear to the pearls, otherwise in good condition.

A cute and colorful plastic bunny necklace with a colorful heart decoration and a pearl necklace. The bunny has a bow near one of the ears and a bow as a butterfly, both of the bows along with the heart hanging on the pearl chain have glitter in them. 

Prints, materials and themes
Plastic, hearts, bunnies, animals, bows, glitter and writing.

☆ Suggested coordinate tips
The necklace would work great with sweet lolita and OTT sweet lolita coordinates, especially bunny/animal themed ones. Depending on how it's coordinated, it could also work with other japanese/harajuku fashion styles like fairy kei or decora.

Suggested occasions for use
This necklace has a cute and colorful look due to its colorways and style, which makes it work well for fashion shows, easter, valentine's day or photoshoots. 

Colors of the item
The necklace is mostly pink, but also has white and gold in it.