Sailor/Marine ArPakasso (Alpaca) in White from Amuse

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Sailor/Marine ArPakasso (Alpaca) in White from Amuse

 Condition: B
Used, but in good condition with no visible flaws.

This cute ArPakasso is fluffy and white, and wears a neck scarf. This neck scarf is white with navy and red stripes, and has an image of a black anchor in the middle. There is a ball chain on the back of the alpaca, meaning that it can be attached to a bag or keychain.

Approx. 13 cm in height

 Prints, materials and themes
Features solid colors, fluff (fluffy), stripes, alpacas, marine, sailor, neck scarves, animals and anchors.

 Suggested occasions for use
The alpaca can be put on display as a collectible item or snuggled with at bedtime. It can also be fastened to a bag or purse, for an extra cute decorative detail~ 

 Colors of the item
The item is white with navy, red, and black.