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How to earn points and rewards at Lolita Desu!

Posted by Cat Lolita Desu on

Here at Lolita Desu we have a point system with cute Fuwa Fuwa Points and exciting rewards~
This blog post aims to be a helpful guide to the best way of earning the points and rewards! 

First of all, when looking at the website of Lolita Desu, there is a small black button down in the left corner. This button stays in the left corner, even when scrolling up or down on the website.

When clicking this button, and clicking the underlined phrase in the bottom part of the new window that reads "See Rewards", an overview of both the rewards and the points will be shown.

To start off, we will explain the Fuwa Fuwa Points.

These points are a kind of 'currency', earned in a variety of ways, that can later on be exchanged for rewards. These rewards can then be used in the shop, when shopping with us <3 

There are different ways to earn the Fuwa Fuwa points, when interacting with the website, social media platforms and more! 
Here is a list over the possible ways to earn points, as well as the amount of Fuwa Fuwa Points earned for each step:

Some of these ways to earn Fuwa Fuwa Points are a one-time only occurrence, such as the "Create an Account" step, which in return rewards 100 Fuwa Fuwa Points. 
Other steps can be done more than once, such as making an order earns 5 Fuwa Fuwa Points per 1$.*

*There is a part of the points system called "Loyalty Tiers". These tiers are applicable for members only, and an extra 'benefit' for earning points with us. 
All members start by earning 5 Fuwa Fuwa Points per 1$ spent. 
Moving up this 'tier ladder', the amount of Fuwa Fuwa Points earned per 1$ spent increases.
For example; the Bronze Tier earns 6 Fuwa Fuwa Points per 1$ spent (this tier is acquired by having earned 1000 Fuwa Fuwa Points in the past year) 
The Gold Tier earns 8 Fuwa Fuwa Points per 1$ spent (this tier is higher up the ladder, and is acquired by having earned 5000 Fuwa Fuwa Points in the past year). 

More 'special' ways to earn points include earning 500 Fuwa Fuwa Points for referring a friend and 300 Fuwa Fuwa Points on your birthday (given you have updated your profile on the website with the specifics of your birthday** - updating your profiles earns you 50 Fuwa Fuwa Points~) 

**After having created an account and updated the profile with one's birthday, it is a requirement to be a member for one month before it is possible to earn the 300 Fuwa Fuwa Points on one's birthday. This basically means that the account needs to be made one month at minimum before one's birthday, in order to earn the 300 Fuwa Fuwa Points, once the date of the birthday arrives.

What rewards can be acquired from the Fuwa Fuwa Points? 

The rewards are in general coupons to the shop! The coupons have different amounts of $ off on orders made in the shop, and can be acquired by having a specific amount of Fuwa Fuwa Points~! 

Here is the list of possible rewards: 


So as can be seen from this overview of the rewards, the 1st coupon that can be earned is a 10$ off coupon, that's unlocked by having 1000 Fuwa Fuwa Points! 
After meeting the requirement of Fuwa Fuwa Points, the coupon can be redeemed by clicking the "Redeem" button on the right. 

When you have looked around the website and added products that you'd like to buy to your cart, you can proceed to the cart and then check out the product(s). Doing this will show you an overview of the desired product(s), and on the right hand side there will be shown a box for "Gift card or discount code", in which you can apply your x$ off coupon (a code for the coupon will be shown when it is redeemed). 

Have fun earning points and rewards~ <3 

- Cat (=^.^=)