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Does your friend, partner, or pen pal have a birthday coming up soon? Are you holiday shopping? Or would you like to surprise someone special with a present “just because”? We’ve got you covered! We stock a wide range of products at affordable prices that are perfect for gift giving. We can even write a small note and include it in the package for the recipient if requested in the comment section of your order.

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General Gift Ideas


A great place to start out looking for the perfect gift is in our kawaii section! Our kawaii section contains a wide range of items at affordable prices, such as items related to Japanese popular characters, Home itemspublications, and Japanese candy. You will surely find many adorable gifts while exploring around our kawaii subcategories!

For another great place to begin looking, check out our SWIMMER category! SWIMMER is a popular brand that produces a wide range of cute items, such as accessories, home goods, electronics, bags, beauty items, and clothes. We frequently stock both new and used items from this brand, along with sold out items that you can no longer buy in stores. Our SWIMMER items are reasonably priced and make adorable gifts! 

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Lolita Gift Ideas


If you know that your loved one has an interest in lolita fashion, a thoughtful gift idea would be a brand novelty item, such as trinkets, stickers, books, or other useful items. A lolita accessory, such as a ring, headbow, or necklace is another cute and affordable idea. It would be a good idea to purchase accessories in your giftee’s favorite color, or in a color that you know they wear frequently. For example, if your giftee always wears black, a good place to start looking is for a black accessory. Similarly, if you know they love a certain theme, such as stars, it would be smart to look for a black accessory that has a star shape or print, such as a black star print headbow!  If you are looking for a larger present, a clothing article such as a dress or a skirt may be a good idea if you happen to know the size, style, and wardrobe of the person you are buying for. For example, if you know what dresses they already own, you can look for a dress in their size that would suit their current wardrobe and style.

A good idea is to search by your giftee’s favorite brand and refine your search by adjusting your minimum and maximum price range, located in the left column on the site. This would display potential gifts within your price range. The search can be further refined based on category until you find an item you like. You may also search by their favorite style of lolita fashion, such as “gothic lolita”, “classic lolita”, “boystyle”, etc. by entering the style as a search term in our search function located at the top right of our shop. Again, you can refine your search based on price and category until you find the perfect gift! 

Another useful idea is to see if your giftee has a lolita fashion wishlist in order to figure out which items they may be wishing for or to get an idea of items that they may happen to like. You can do this simply by asking them if they have a wishlist or any dream items, or you can attempt to figure this out more discreetly by searching for their commonly used usernames on websites such as Pinterest or Tumblr. This would help to ensure that you are buying a gift that will fit in with their style and existing wardrobe!

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Gifts for Harajuku Fashion Lovers


Does your giftee love Japanese Harajuku fashion? We have a Harajuku section for lovers of Girly KeiFairy KeiAlternativeMori Girl, and Otome Kei styles! Here you will find lovely clothes and accessories related to the aforementioned styles. A thoughtful gift idea would be an accessory item, bag, or an affordable clothing article, such as a top in your giftee's favorite style and motif. For example, if you giftee is into mori girl fashion and absolutely loves flowers, a sweet gift would be a floral ring or necklace. 

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Gifts for Pen Pals


If you are looking for a gift for your pen pal, you can’t go wrong with stationery items! You already know that your pen pal loves to write, so why not get them some cute writing supplies? Any pen pal would appreciate receiving adorable letter sets, stickers, postcards, notebooks, or cute pens!

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Lucky Packs

If you’re not sure what gift to buy, we can help! Our lucky packs are the perfect solution. You can pick a lucky pack based on a theme that your giftee would like, such as kawaii or beauty, and we will do our best to compile a great gift pack! As our lucky packs are a surprise, the contents will not be revealed in advance. However, you may include your giftee’s likes, allergies, and dislikes. For example, you can write: “She/he hates the color black, but loves Hello Kitty and stationery items, and she/he is allergic to peanuts.” While we cannot guarantee that the lucky pack contains items that are precisely like your description, we will try our best to comply!

Our Lucky Packs

♡ Lolita Fashion Lucky Pack
♡ Kawaii Lucky Pack
♡ Beauty Lucky Pack
♡ Candy Lucky Pack
Lolita Surprise Gift Pack
♡ Limited Lucky Packs
: Lucky packs which are only available during certain time frames or seasons, or only available in limited quantities.

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Gift Certificates

If you are still unsure of what gift to give, or if you are unfamiliar with your giftee's interests or tastes, gift certificates are a great idea! Gift certificates are perfect for the undecided as they eliminate the stress and worrying which sometimes accompanies gift shopping. They also allow your giftee to pick out their own gift! We have a wide selection of styles and items, which is great because there is a high chance that we will stock something that they will like. Also, our gift certificates are sent out via e-mail; therefore, there is no waiting time, which is perfect for a last minute gift! You can purchase a gift certificate by clicking here or by accessing the "gift certificates" link located at the very top of our shop. . 

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We hope this guide was helpful for you during your hunt for the perfect gift! 

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