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Lolita Desu's Guide to Classic Lolita ☆彡

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Classic Lolita is a popular style of lolita that is focused on a mature and elegant look. This style is frequently inspired by the historical Victorian and Edwardian eras. This influence becomes evident as seen in the common prints and motifs of classic lolita, such as floral, cherubs, frames, artwork, books, royalty, cutlery, chandeliers, and other vintage or antique themes. In addition to these beautiful prints, solid colored dresses are frequently worn as well. Common colors of classic lolita include muted colors such as pale pink, light brown, pale blue, mauve, as well as darker colors such as bordeaux, forest green, gold, dark brown, navy, and black. Off-white, cream, and ivory are the most common neutral colors used for classic lolita. The mature and elegant look of classic lolita is even seen in the hairstyles worn as natural hair colors worn in curls, braids, or simple updo styles are popular.

Classic lolitas are often seen wearing classy clothing including dresses (JSKs and OPs), skirts, blouses, cutsews, OTK socks, tights, and bloomers. A-line petticoats are more often worn than bell-shaped petticoats, which results in a more sophisticated and toned-down look compared to other lolita styles. Fancy heels and ankle boots are often worn by classic lolitas. Popular accessories include small hair bows, floral corsages, fancy hats, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and purses. Accessories and jewelry worn by classic lolitas often features gold or bronze tones, pearls, florals, or cameos. Classic lolita clothing and accessories may feature some ruffles, frills, lace, embroidery, and bows; however, these details may be less prominent than in other styles. Peter pan collars and ruffled bib details are popular as well. Classic lolita clothing and accessories are well matched to produce a common colorway or motif to achieve an overall desired look. For example, a classic lolita may wear a navy and off-white coordinate, a floral themed coordinate, or even a seasonal coordinate, such as Valentine’s day.


Substyles and Related Styles

Substyles of classic have emerged over time, such as over-the-top (OTT) classic lolita and casual classic lolita. OTT classic lolita is an extravagant version of classic lolita using more details and accessories than usual, as well as elaborate prints. Common elements include large bonnets, rococo dresses, and layered accessories. Casual classic lolita is another substyle that is a more toned down version of classic lolita and has a lot in common with otome kei. Casual classic features simple or solid color prints and minimal accessories. Lighter petticoats may also be worn, or sometimes even none at all.

Related Styles  Country lolita is a related style and it is often seen as a hybrid between classic lolita and sweet lolita. This style focuses on gingham, berry, or floral prints mixed with accessories such as straw purses and hats. Classic sweet lolita is a mixture of both classic and sweet lolita. With classic sweet lolita, it is very common to see sweet lolita prints, such as teddy bears or sweets, on simple a-line dresses or skirts in colors that are more commonly associated with classic lolita, such as pale pinks or browns. 


It is fairly common for a classic lolita to have a wardrobe that includes one or more of these styles in addition to the standard style; however, some lolitas may prefer to stick with just one style. Regardless of the style worn, it is guaranteed that classic lolitas always look very elegant!

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Style Inspiration

Classic Lolita Bloggers — For some style inspiration and to learn more about classic lolita, check out the below bloggers for fashion tips, shopping hauls, cute lifestyle posts, and more!

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Example Coordinates — Here are some example classic lolita coordinates for style inspiration! The themes used are crowns, frames, roses, violins, and carriages. You may use these coordinates as a guide to building your own perfect sweet lolita wardrobe! 

♡ Royal Crown Coordinate in Black x Gold ♡

♡ Antique Frame Coordinate in Brown x Off White ♡Unknown-12

♡ Vintage Rose Coordinate in Bordeaux x Off White♡Unknown-13

♡ Elegant Violin Coodinate in Black x White ♡

♡ Princess Carriage Coordinate in Cream x Wine ♡Unknown-27floral pixel divider - dark 2.png

Classic Lolita Shopping at Lolita Desu

You may browse the adorable classic lolita items that we currently have in stock by entering the search term “classic lolita” in the search bar located at the top of our shop. You can refine your search by filtering in the far left column. It may be helpful to apply multiple filters until you find what you are looking for. For your convenience, we have included links to some of the major classic lolita brands that we stock, along with the common substyles and related styles. 

♡ Major Brand ♡   Innocent World;  

♡ Substyles ♡          Over-the-Top (OTT) ClassicCasual Classic

♡ Related Styles ♡  Classic SweetCountry


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Happy shopping! ♡

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