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Lolita Desu's Guide to Sweet Lolita ☆彡

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Sweet Lolita is one of the most popular styles of lolita. A youthful, girly, and adorable doll-like look is the essence of this unique style. Pastel colors are most commonly associated with sweet lolita; however, darker colors do occasionally make an appearance. Common prints or motifs include various sweets, fruits, flowers, cute animals, bows, and toys. Fantasy motifs are popular as well, such as prints with unicorns, castles, and fairytale motifs. Regardless of the colorway or print worn, it is guaranteed that sweet lolitas always look lovely!

Sweet lolitas commonly wear very cute clothing, which can include dresses (JSKs and OPs), salopettes, skirts, blouses, cutsews, socks, tights, and bloomers. Bell-shaped petticoats are worn to accomplish the ever-famous cupcake silhouette. Tea party shoes or other cute heels or flats are favored among sweet lolitas. Popular accessories include gorgeous head bows, bonnets, colorful wigs, necklaces, rings, wrist cuffs, bracelets, parasols, and purses. Both sweet lolita clothing and accessories are usually very detailed with many embellishments, such as frills, ruffles, lace, pearls, bows, and embroidery. Frequently, clothing and accessories are matched based on a common colorway or motif in order to achieve an overall desired look. For example, a sweet lolita may wear a pink and lavender coordinate, a chocolate themed coordinate, or even a seasonal coordinate, such as Christmas. The possible coordinate options are endless! 


Substyles and Related Styles

Substyles of sweet lolita have emerged over time, such as over-the-top (OTT) sweet lolita and bittersweet lolita. OTT sweet lolita is an extravagant version of sweet lolita using more accessories than usual. Common elements include large bows, bright colors, stuffed toy purses, and layered accessories. Bittersweet lolita combines soft pastel colors with black. Popular colorways include black and pink, as well as black and purple.

Related Styles — Country lolita is a related style and it is often seen as a hybrid between sweet lolita and classic lolita. This style focuses on gingham, berry, or floral prints mixed with accessories such as straw purses and hats. Casual sweet lolita is another related style and it is a mix of sweet lolita and otome kei. Casual sweet is a toned down version of sweet lolita. Casual sweet usually features prints that are less “busy”, along with less accessories. Lighter petticoats may also be worn, or sometimes even none at all.


It is fairly common for a sweet lolita to have a wardrobe that includes one or more of these styles in addition to the standard style; however, some lolitas may prefer to stick with just one style. Regardless of the style worn, it is guaranteed that sweet lolitas always look super cute!

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Style Inspiration

Sweet Lolita Bloggers — For some style inspiration and to learn more about sweet lolita, check out the below bloggers for fashion tips, shopping hauls, cute lifestyle posts, and more!

♡ Parfait Doll ♡ Milkyfawn ♡ Magicalgirlme ♡


Example Coordinates — Here are some example sweet lolita coordinates for style inspiration! The themes used are fruit, chocolate, and ocean. You may use these coordinates as a guide to building your own perfect sweet lolita wardrobe! 

♡ Fruit Parfait in Pink x Red x Offwhite ♡


                    ♡ Deliciously Sweet Chocolate Coordinate in Pink x Brown ♡                               

♡ Ocean Life Sea Shell Coordinate in Sax x Pink x Lavender ♡


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Sweet Lolita Shopping at Lolita Desu

You may browse the adorable sweet lolita items that we currently have in stock by entering the searchterm “sweet lolita” in the search bar located at the top right corner on the front page, after clicking the magnifying glass icon. You can also choose e.g. to search all lolita dresses, by clicking "Lolita Fashion" in the top category bar and then click on the "dresses" headline. From here, the dresses can be filtered on the left hand side or sorted (by prices, featured and so on) on the right hand side.
It may be helpful to apply multiple filters until you find what you are looking for. For your convenience, we have included links to some of the major sweet lolita brands, along with the common substyles and related styles. 


♡ Major Brands ♡       Angelic Pretty (AP)Baby, the Stars Shine Bright (BtSSB);
                                       Metamorphose temps de fille (Meta)

♡ Substyles ♡             Over-the-Top (OTT) SweetBittersweet

♡ Related Styles ♡     CountryCasual Sweet


Happy shopping! ♡

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