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Benefits of shopping with Lolita Desu! ☆彡

    All stores are different and while price is definitely an important point when choosing which product(s) to buy at what store, the difference of online stores is much more complex than just that. Here, at Lolita Desu, we offer you...

      Safety and peace of mind

      It's no secret that when shopping online, one runs a higher risk than in-store shopping, but at Lolita Desu, we have done several things to close the gap and ensure your peace of mind when ordering with us and waiting for your package.

      • The entire ordering process contained in one site.
        When ordering online, not only is our site in English, but you can browse all our products, wishlist them for later, keep track of pricing, add items to cart, have it calculate your shipping and checkout, all in one store, without having to message back and forth, trying to figure out shipping prices or fees. When the status of your order changes, the store then lets you know and when your order is shipped out, a tracking number becomes visible in the site as well.
      • All of our shipping options have tracking (a number to track/trace your package).
        Not only does this ensure you have a way of enquiring about a package and it's location from your end, but tracked packages are also more likely to arrive safely than packages that are not. For those of you worrying about fraud, this is also a way to make sure that we have actually shipped out your package. Also, upon requests, we can provide receipts proving they have been sent to the right address and person on the day we said we sent it.

      • If your package is lost, we will issue a full refund.
        Usually if a package is lost, most companies will not take any responsibility, since it's the fault of the postal service. In our case, we go the extra mile for you guys and offer full refunds to orders that have not been delivered 3 months after shipment. There is of course some requirements and you can read about those in our FAQ.

      • The entire site and it's product descriptions are in English.
        Some might think this an obvious point, but when browsing for additions to your wardrobe when you dabble in Japanese fashion styles, finding sites in English can be pretty difficult. When knowing that you understand the site, it's requirements/rules and the product's condition fully, you can feel more secure in your ordering process.

      • Swift, kind and personal support in several languages.
        If you have a question regarding a product, have special requests or encounter any problems, we offer support in both English, Japanese and Danish. Since support is mostly handled by Fox (and sometimes Cat or Turtle), you will get a personal experience with a kind and helpful person on the other end. Of course our time zone is different from most of our customers and we do sleep, but when we don't, we try to answer as swiftly and precisely as possible. This usually means our average answering time is a few hours, although it can be a few minutes to a day or two depending on the complexity of the request (_ _)

      • Thorough condition check of products with several stages
        In the case of online shopping, very few things are as bad as receiving a product that is in a worse condition than described or is a completely different one and having to fight it out with a seller.
        When we receive a product, it is first run through a light condition check, usually by Fox, and after that, a thorough one by a skilled Japanese part time worker. After this, the flaws are pointed out to Fox, who then describes them and pictures are taken. After being added to the shop, products get a product number, so as to not be confused with other products and when ordered, both product numbers and product names are crosschecked to locate the correct product.
        Although rarely, in spite of having all these precautions in place, errors do occur, but not to worry, we have got you covered. If we send you a different product or there are flaws, we didn't describe in the product description, we are very cooperative and confident to work out a solution with you. Generally we offer to return damaged items and pay for return shipping as well and when sending wrong products, we usually pay return shipping for that and send the correct item at no extra charge with a small apology gift included - sometimes offering the product we accidentally sent as the gift instead, depending on a range of factors. Requirements for returns and damaged products are described more thoroughly so in our FAQ.

      • Checkout and payment is secure.
        Depending on which website you use, the security level is different. Our checkout and payment process is secured using a SSL.

      • Safe and thorough packaging.
        When shipping out, all dresses are neatly folded, cleaned of lint and smaller detachable items are usually packaged separately. We try to package each item with the upmost care and ship out most packages is boxes to prevent any damage of the content. Inside the box is usually bubble wrap and items are neatly packaged in plastic wrapping, placed as to lower the risk of damage as much as possible.

      • Positive reviews and good reputation.
        Lolita Desu has existed since 2010 and although it has only become a full time job for us about a year ago, we have many positive reviews online and are widely known as a reputable shop in the Lolita community. On Facebook we currently have a total 143 5-star reviews and a average score of 4.7/5, even when including bad reviews from fake accounts. We have also gathered a lot of reviews for and from you guys in our reviews section of the site and if you google us, you will most likely find more ♡

      Fair pricing and great value

      Pricing is not everything, but that doesn't mean it's not important. Besides pricing, value is however not just the price, but what value you get for your money, besides the product and whether or not you commit yourself to extra fees/payments.  
      • Transparent prices
        When ordering with Lolita Desu, no extra fees are added to the advertised product prices or shipping prices later on. What you see is what you pay, so no need to fear later charges. 

      • Fair pricing
        Our prices are based on previous sales and what their current value is by researching online, so we very rarely overprice items. Items that don't sell are then discounted eventually and can be found in this section of the shop. We usually discount items approximately once a month and when new items are discounted and added to this section, the older ones are removed.

      • Rewards program with 5% back in points.
        When shopping at Lolita Desu, you automatically gain Fuwa Fuwa points, which are exchangeable for coupons usable in the store. 100 points are worth 1$ and per 100$ worth of items you buy at the shop, you gain 500 fuwa fuwa points (5$). The coupons can be used for any items in the store and they can also be used as gifts to friends or family. You can also gain some points on your birthday and through refering friends, liking our Facebook page following our instagram, following our twitter or creating an account with us.
        Not quite sure if you are signed up for this yet, want to check your points or sign up? Click the "Check rewards" tab at the bottom left of your screen when you are in the front page of the shop~! 

      • Regularly throwing sales and events. 
        When shopping online, sales and events are usually a great time to maximize the value you get. At Lolita Desu we regularly throw both events and sales, not only focusing on discounts. Sometimes special candy or limited edition items are included in orders for a while or we randomly add coupon codes or gift cards to orders. We try not to repeat ourselves in what kind of events and sales we throw, so please keep an eye out for those special days!

      • A small gift included in all orders.
        (Not only the first order, but all of them!) 
        We love surprises and choosing gifts for you guys is always a challenging and exciting task! Gifts are usually candy, but sometimes it's something else and the fun part is never knowing. We feel that every order should contain a small surprise gift at no cost to you - just as a small thank you from us to you (_ _)

      Ease of ordering and customizations

      When ordering online, how difficult it is to order and how much the shop customizes the experience to fit you is definitely relevant in making the experience a positive one and finding/ordering the products you want.

      • Several types of customizable lucky packs.
        Not quite sure what type of items you want to buy, don't like the current items in stock or just really love surprises? In the shop, we have a lucky pack section, where we offer several types of lucky packs, that offer the option of customizing the content and some, where we have already created the contents and you get hints as to what is contained, although those are limited edition, released each year in January or February.
      • Payment plans / Layaways for up to two months. 
        Buying all the items you need/want when they appear online is not always a light task for your finances, which is why we offer payment plans / layaways. You pay the exact same amount in the end with a payment plan as if you bought it in the store, so there are no extra fees. We usually only allow a length of up to two months and to start one requires a minimum of a 10% non-refundable deposit, but the rest of the payments can be divided however you like, as long as the full amount is received within the two months.
      • Emailing instructions when ordering.
        Depending on your needs, the shop might not offer an option to add that option, which is why we encourage our customers to message us any comments they might have. Is this a present for a friend and you need us to add a note and remove the item price tags? Have any food allergies? Want us to draw some sort of animal on the package or need for us to ship out faster than usual? Write it in the mail and add your order number as a comment ♡

      • Shipping to anywhere in the world.
        When shopping online, whether or not a shop ships to your country is one of the most important factors and with Lolita Desu, we ship to all countries that the Japanese post office allows us to. That being said, countries have their own rules and regulations, so please check the rules of your country before ordering