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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lolita Desu a trustworthy site?
Simply put, yes. We have excited since 2010 and in that time, we have gotten many reviews
There is also a lot of video reviews, for example on Youtube, but if you're still skeptical, feel free to google us ♥

Where are you located?
We are located in Japan, Saitama.

How do I contact you?
There are several ways to contact us, but we have listed some of them below, 
sorted by which are most likely to get the fastest answers.
  1. Message our Facebook Page.
  2. Send us an email at lolitadesushop@hotmail.com.
If your question conscerns a specific order, please remember to mention your order number.

Are you looking for sponsors? (I would like to become a sponsor.)
Although we have offered this in the past, we do not currently do so. 
We also have quite a long waiting list for when we do open up for sponsorships again. If you are still interested in being sponsored, feel free to message us with your information at our email and we will message you once we've started sponsorships again.

Do you accept trades or offer to buy items from others?
We currently don't offer to trade items or to buy items from others to sell in the shop.

Where do you ship to?
Anywhere, as long as the Japanese postal office can do it. 
If we run into a case where it is impossible to ship, we will of course refund you in full.

What are Fuwa Fuwa points?
Fuwa Fuwa Points are the rewards programme unit of measure.
Fuwa Fuwa points can be exchanged for coupons to use in the shop and there's many different ways of gaining points. For more information, please click the "Check rewards" tab in the bottom left of the shop.

What kind of shipping is "Free shipping"?
If an item qualifies for free shipping and nothing else is written, this usually means airmail, tracked. We do however sometimes upgrade packages to EMS depending on what is the most economical choice. If you do not want us to ship the order by EMS, please write it in the "message" field of your order.

When will my package arrive?
Packages take different amounts of days to arrive, depending on both method and place. Since we are located in Japan, countries far from here, will not get their packages as fast as those close to Japan.
EMS usually takes a few days to arrive (3~5).
Airmail usually takes about 5~15 days depending on place.
Besides this time, we also need a few days to post your package and it might get caught in customs, which further increases the time.
We made a small chart showing the amount of time our packages took to arive (both EMS and Airmail tracked) from the day we posted them, which can be seen below. All entries not shown, only has 1 package per entry or less. This chart also includes the time it took for the customer in question to pick up their packages.

In case of any doubts, feel free to ask us.

How do I add tracking to my order and how do I track it? 
No need to add tracking, all shipping options are tracked. 
Please use this site for tracking (Japanese postal service).
My package hasn't arrived yet. What do I do?
If your package is late
, the best option would be to track it to see where it has ended up and contact that place.
Sometimes packages take a longer time due to Christmas, national holidays, etc.
If your order has been made no earlier than the 28th of April 2014 and has yet to arrive after 3 months, you will be granted a full refund from us. Whether or not your package has arrived will be decided by the status obtained from it's tracking number or if the tracking number is acting up, from the information we get from the postal office. This guarantee does not cover reasons such as a package being returned to us either due to not being picked up, unknown address or being refused by receiver.
If the package has returned to us, we will usually resend it or await your order, depending.
In some cases, we ship the package several times, but it is still returned to us and the order is therefore cancelled and no refund is given. This is due to having used the order amount towards several reshippings instead, so please keep track of your packages to avoid this.

When will you ship out?
We usually ship out every 72 hours but sometimes there are holidays or we are sick, in which case shipping will be delayed. Also, we might be on vacation sometimes, but in either case, we usually announce longer delays on the Facebook page. If you need to have your item shipped out faster than this, please send us a mail with your order number and the request and we will do our best to comply. Once your package has been shipped out, a tracking number will be added to your order and will be visible when logging in to your store account.

Will the price be marked down and if not, will you pay my customs charges?
No, the price will not automatically be marked down or marked as "gift".
Have any special instructions? Let us know in a mail and mention your order number ♥
Any charges incurred due to customs will not be covered by us, so please check with your local customs office for pricing before ordering (_ _)

Do you have any pets?
Yes, we have a male tonkinese cat and two female birmans, so please beware if you are allergic. The room where we store the shop items is separate, but we do not change clothes every time we change room and as such a certain amount of "contamination" is unavoidable
(_ _)

What payments do you accept?
We accept Paypal, but only payments that are covered by Paypal's seller proctection.
Other than Paypal we also accept payments via Stripe.
We are quite flexible though, so if another payment solution fits you better, please contact us (Facebook or e-mail) and we will figure something out.

I was told that I am not covered by Paypal's seller protection. How do I fix that?
Paypal's seller protection has a lot of rules and can be very confusing, so we don't know all the possible reasons, but some of them might be:
  1. You didn't log in to your Paypal account before making the purchase (or you paid without having a paypal account).
  2. You haven't confimed your paypal address or credit card information.
If none of these apply to you, please contact paypal and ask them - they do their best to respond within 24 hours (_ _)

Do you offer payment plans?
Yes, we do. However that also requires a non-refundable deposit, which is usually somewhere around 10% of the item price. We can offer payment plans for several months, but usually not more than two, unless there are special circumstances. 
Sale items are however only available for payment plans of a length as long as the sale it is a part of (an item from a sale that ends the 15th of a month, has to be fully paid before that sale ends).
We might make exceptions, but write us a message through our facebook page or at lolitadesushop@hotmail.com and we'll figure something out! :)
** Payment plan items will not be eligible for points in our point system **

How do you usually package items?

We generally try to package items as safely as possible. There are however rules as to what size of packages are allowed as small packages (airmail). Usually EMS can be packaged much more safely than airmail, but if you want us to package the items in a specific way, please let us know.
  • Clothes is usually folded and put in securely closed plastic bags.
  • Jewelry is usually bubblewrapped, heavily if it seems to easily broken. We sometimes send jewelry in a small box if available at the time.
  • Shoes are usually sent in the box we were supplied with when the item was bought, but will sometimes be just bubblewrapped instead.
  • Posters and postcards are usually supplied with a piece of cardboard or put next to flat items to provide support.
Many of our packaging materials are re-used, meaning brand plastic bags, 2nd hand bubble wrap, boxes from other items, etc. We feel it would be a waste to throw them all away or to charge higher prices for shipping in order to only use new packaging materials. If you want us to only use new packaging materials, not use brand plastic bags and re-used items, please write it in a mail and mention your order number.

I want to cancel/return my order, can I?

If your products have yet to be packaged, we are usually willing to refund you in full. Orders that have been packaged and/or shipped out will not be refunded. Please note that we don't always update order status when an item has been packaged and in that case, the order still counts as being packaged.  We also do not offer returns on items already received if they are as described in the item description.

Help, my product is damaged!
We are first of all, very sorry to hear that you received a damaged product and that you're disappointed.

If the product's damage was described in the product description, we cannot help you, since you agreed to buying a damaged product.
If the product's damage was not described, but most likely caused by a mishandling of the package by a postal officer, we also cannot help you. We always try to properly package our items, but if your postal officer decides to stamp on it, no level of packaging can save it.
If the product's damage seems to be a production flaw, we also cannot help you. When buying items that are "in packaging", we try not to open them, since it would lower the value. This however, also means we cannot open and check conditions. Production flaws are rare when shopping from well known brands like AP and BtSSB, but there is a risk of them happening. In case a product, still in packaging, is damaged, please contact the manufacturer. If you need a receipt, we can usually provide that - just send us a message.
 If the product's damage is a flaw, that we overlooked in our product description, please send us a message with clear photos of the damage at our facebook page or at lolitadesushop@hotmail.com and we will do our best to work out a solution. This usually includes having the item returned, where we pay return shipping, depending on the case (_ _)

Do you ship candy to all countries?
No, some countries do not allow candy and in those cases, we will not be able to include it. This includes events where we would usually include free candy, adding candy as a free gift and buying candy from the shop. If in case of the latter, we will of course contact you and work out a solution.

Do you offer Shopping Services?
No, we do not offer shopping services.

If you have some questions, which are not answered here, feel free to message us.