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Several people have made reviews of us and we've gathered a few to make them easier to find.

If you want your review here or want us to remove the link to yours, let us know~

Shop review list:

(13th of February, 2017)
A review of a Large Lolita Fashion Lucky Pack.

(25th of June, 2016)
A XXL lucky pack review.

(6th of June, 2016)
A review of a dress from Angelic Pretty.

(26th of April, 2016)
A review of the Kawaii Lucky Pack.

(21st of January, 2016)
A review of an Angelic Pretty Pearl Crown Necklace.

(23rd of December, 2015)
A review of a medium fashion lucky pack (old school themed).

(24th of November, 2015)

A review of a dress order.

(5th of November, 2015)
A review of our Fashion Lucky Pack (Large, mori themed).

(26th of October, 2015)
A Tumblr review of a XXL Fashion Lucky Pack (Otome/casual).

(27th of September, 2015)

A video review of our fashion lucky pack (classic lolita).

(10th of August, 2015)
A written review of a chocolate AP bag.

(5th of August, 2015)

A video review of a Liz Lisa jacket and a lolita fashion lucky pack (Medium).

(15th of July, 2015)

A video of a jewelry order.

(2nd of July, 2015)
A review of two different orders (Kawaii Lucky Pack and some items).

(3rd of March, 2015)
A review of an Atelier Pierrot dress, a headbow and 3 types of lucky packs.

(19th of February, 2015) 

A video review of a beauty and kawaii big lucky pack order.

(15th of February, 2015) 
A blog post review of a lucky packs order.

(13th of February, 2015) 

A video review of a SWIMMER and Imai Kira order.

(24th of January, 2015)

A video review of a Ma*rs lucky pack.


(29th of December, 2014)

A video review of two different orders.
(A lucky pack and a dress set)


(7th of November, 2014)
A sponsored kawaii x beauty lucky pack review.

(5th of November, 2014)
A review of a cutsew and a sailor moon eyeliner (french).

(21st of October, 2014)
A sponsored kawaii lucky pack review.

(19th of October, 2014)

A video review of an order made during our Halloween Event.

(4th of April, 2014)
Sponsored review by Abi Pop!~

(2nd of January, 2014)

(17th of November, 2013)

(8th of June, 2013)


(5th of June, 2013)


(23rd of May, 2013)


(22nd of May, 2013)





(11st of July, 2011)


(28th of April, 2011)


(13rd of February, 2011)


(20th of November, 2010)



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