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Shopping Service, Lolita Desu

Lolita Desu have decided to open up our shopping service again on a trial basis.

Due to the trial basis, prices and conditions might change randomly along the way and sudden closure or breaks might occur, sometimes without warning. (We will of course finish all already received requests before then)

Where can we shop for you at?

Rakuma, Mercari, etc
Online stores
Japanese auction sites
(only no rush orders and no snipe bidding)
In store purchases
(Only no rush orders and no Angelic Pretty release day requests, unless it's a no limit MTO, etc)
In store and online print searches
(We only do a superficial online search, but a thorough search of a specific store of your choosing, for example Closet Child Harajuku)

Online releases of not popular items or to buy items that otherwise will not sell out within a day is completely ok! 👍
Not sure if we do something specific? Ask us!

How much is your fee?
20% on orders of less than 20.000 yen.*
15% on orders of more than 20.000 yen.*
NO PayPal fees.

In case of in store purchases we do however charge a transportation fee.

Online searches cost 500 yen and if you add a physical store search, the charge for that is a transportation fee, that depends on which store. For reference though, then we live in Saitama, so Osaka and Nagoya shopping would be very expensive, so we recommend the Tokyo area.
Please note that searches can only include up to 3 items for online searches and 5 items for in store ones and only includes a one time search, not a continuous one.

Want us to ask a seller a question about the product?
That's a flat 100 yen fee. (Please remember that we cannot guarantee a usable answer or an answer at all. Also, there might be some questions, that we are unable to ask)

Fee is taken from the total that we end up paying.

For example:
☆ Shipping fee: 500 yen
☆ Item price: 9500 yen

(10.000 x 0.20) = 2000 yen

Therefore a 12.000 total.
(We will of course message you the full calculations every time)

*Please note that the fee is decided on the total of each time you send us an order. For example, if you ask us to buy a 10.000 yen item one time and then later ask us to buy a 15.000 yen item and combine the two, the fee is 20%, not 15% since each time/order was less than 20.000 yen. Also, our minimum fee per order is 200 yen, so if you send us a 300 yen item and later a 200 yen item, the total would be 900 yen.

Full payment is required up front, but we will of course send you a partial refund if the total turns out to be less than we invoiced you for. We only accept payments in JPY and the deadline to pay an invoice is 24 hours.

Benefits of using our service
We can keep items for you and combine orders.
(Up to 3 months, but longer time frames can usually be negotiated up front)
We can combine shipping with items from our shop.
Cheaper and faster than airmail
(Because we're a registered business and pay tax, we have access to Epacket shipping, which is cheaper and faster than airmail, so we can offer that to you too!).
No forms and proper answers to all requests.
(Not quite sure which items you want and want some guidance first? That's okay! We answer properly to all requests and will guide you through the process with proper answers and explanations to all your questions!)
Want to know something about the product you'd like to buy, but it is in Japanese? We can help, so message us!
In some cases, we might be able to negotiate a lower price for you!
(If we succeed, half of the lowered price is ours, but you only pay SS fee for the actual price. If you would like us to buy an item without attempting to haggle first, then let us know in your message! Items might sell while we negotiate for price).

Please remember that..
We do not offer refunds, returns and cancellations. We are also not responsible for the conditions of any items bought through our shopping service.
We only ship using tracked options: EMS, airmail or epacket.
We might not be able to buy from all sellers, since each one has different terms.
(If we are unable to buy an item for you, you will of course receive a full refund!)
We do not offer payment plans or in any way to buy an item without full payment received up front.
Shopping service orders are not eligible for fuwa fuwa points or free shipping. Also, all points/rewards (physical or online) earned with sites we buy from for your SS request will not be included in your order.

Ready to order?
Message us from our Facebook Page or send us an email at!
(We usually answer faster from Facebook, but keep in mind that we do occasionally sleep, which might delay answers in some cases)