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Alice's Diamond Cards OTKs in Pink from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

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 Condition: B
Used, but in good condition with no visible flaws. 

These OTKs have a stripe pattern near the top of the socks and a diamond pattern in the rest of the areas. Near the middle of the socks, the brand's name (Baby) is written in pink. The brand name is also present at the foot of the socks. 

 Prints, materials and themes
This item features stripes, diamonds, and text. 

☆ Suggested coordinate tips
These OTKs would work well with some pink sweet lolita or old school lolita coordinates. Since they are Alice OTKs, they would match best with Alice related dresses/clothing. 

 Suggested occasions for use
Great for modesty and keeping the legs warm. They can be worn to meet ups, tea parties or fancy parties as well.

 Colors of the item
The colors of this item is pink and white.