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Ananas OTKs in Brown from Innocent World

Ananas OTKs in Brown from Innocent World

Innocent World

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 Condition: C
Used, but good condition with some pilling/wear to some areas of the feet/ankle areas.

These elegant socks from Innocent World have fleur de lis, crowns, and card suits up the sides! The brand name is also printed on the bottom of the foot. These are perfect for any classic lolita's wardrobe!

 Prints, materials and themes
Fleur de Lis, Card Suits, Trumps, Crowns, and Brand Logos.

☆ Suggested coordinate tips
These stylish socks would look elegant with a plain brown JSK, or pair them with a darker print for a more fancy look!

 Suggested occasions for use
These socks are perfect for meetups, tea parties, or trips to the museum!

 Colors of the item
These socks are brown and cream.

Tags: Color:Brown, Color:Cream, Condition:C, Style:ClassicLolita, Style:Otome, ReleaseYear:2012, Sizing:Free

Color:Brown Color:Cream/OffWhite Condition:C ReleaseYear:2012 Size:Free Style:ClassicLolita Style:Lolita Style:OtomeKei Theme:Crowns Theme:FleurDeLis Theme:PlayingCards