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Candy Hearts (Sugar Hearts) Original Tin Badge from Nile Perch

Nile Perch

Regular price $8.00

☆ Condition: B
New with tag; however, there are a few tiny marks to the backside. Most likely due to storage.

☆ Description
This adorable badge from Nile Perch is round and has a cute pastel print of candy hearts! It has the brand logo on it in lavender, cute candy hearts with writing, and a silver pin on the back. 

Diameter: Approx. 7.5 cm

☆ Prints, materials and themes
Candy hearts, sugar hearts, hearts, writing, Valentine's day, brand logos, and pins.

☆ Suggested coordinate tips
This cute badge would work great with casual styles, sweet lolita, fairy kei, girly kei, decora, yume kawaii, and mahou kei. It can be pinned to clothing, bags, purses, or hats for an adorable look. Due to the colorway and candy theme, it would look adorable worn as part of a Valentine's day themed coordinate!

☆ Suggested occasions for use
This badge is perfect for every day wear! It can be worn to candy shops, ice cream parlours, parties, malls, and while hanging out with friends. It is also great for Valentine's day festivities!

☆ Colors of the item
This badge is white, pink, yellow, and lavender.