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Cross Badge in Black x White
Cross Badge in Black x White

Cross Badge in Black x White

Off-Brand / Unknown

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 Condition: C/D
Used condition with some scratches/damage to the front and darkening/damage to the back.

This is cute simple badge with a cross theme. The badge has a black background and features a large white cross which is outlined in white dots. The back of the badge is completely silver with a pin. This badge is approximately 12 cm in diameter.

 Prints, materials and themes
Crosses, dots, polkadots, dark, spooky, and pins.

☆ Suggested coordinate tips
This badge would work best with gothic or punk lolita, as well as alternative styles. It would look nice pinned to a black back. It could also work as part of a Halloween costume.

 Suggested occasions for use
This badge can be worn to events such as concerts, photoshoots, Halloween events, shopping, or while hanging out with friends.

 Colors of the item
This badge is black and white.

Tags: Color:Black, Color:White, Condition:CD, Style:Alternative, Style:Gothic, Style:Punk, Theme:Cross, Theme:Crosses, Theme:PolkaDots, Theme:Spooky

Color:Black Color:White Condition:C/D Halloween ReleaseYear:Unknown Style:Alternative Style:GothicLolita Style:Harajuku Style:Lolita Style:PunkLolita Theme:Crosses Theme:Dots