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Deer, Animals, Ribbons and Berries OTKs in Black x Grey from Emily Temple Cute

Emily Temple Cute

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 Condition: C
Used, but in good condition with a small line of light dirt. 

These OTKs have a variety of different items and animals scattered about them in the same color. These include bunnies, deer, swans, strawberries, bows, and lettering. At the foot of the socks, there is a ballet shoe print design, and the brand name (Emily Temple Cute) can be found here as well. 

 Prints, materials and themes
This item features rabbits, deer, animals, strawberries, bows, swans, letters, and ballet shoes. 

☆ Suggested coordinate tips
These socks would go best with classic lolita coordinates and otome kei styles. 

 Suggested occasions for use
The socks can be worn as a means of keeping the legs covered and warm. They also make a coordinate look more complete, which is especially beneficial for meet ups and tea parties, etc. 

 Colors of the item
The socks are black, grey, and white.