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Doki Doki Swim Ring (Unicorn) in Purple from SWIMMER


Regular price $12.00

 Condition: A
New and never used. 

This inflatable swim ring from Swimmer features designs of cute unicorns with pink and blue mains. There are pink and blue bows around the unicorns necks and in their main. There are also yellow stars and moons on the unicorns, as well as the ring. The ring is transparent on the front and opaque on the back. There is a single blow hole, where the tube can be inflated. 

According to Swimmer:
Diameter: 70cm
Inner circumference: About 100cm with air.

 Prints, materials and themes
Unicorns, stars, moons, rainbows, clouds, bows, tubes, and rings. 

 Suggested occasions for use
This swim ring is very helpful with staying afloat in pools, rivers, and lakes. 

 Colors of the item
This item is purple, yellow, blue, white, and pink.