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Dream Fantasy Barrette in Sax from Angelic Pretty

Angelic Pretty

Regular price $25.00

 Condition: B
Used, but good condition with no visible flaws.

A colorful sky, pastels and stuffed animal themed barrette from Angelic Pretty's Dream Fantasy series.

 Prints, materials and themes
Sky, stars, writing, bears, shooting stars, pastels, clouds, rainbows and lace.

☆ Suggested coordinate tips
The barrette would work great with OTT sweet lolita and sweet lolita coordinates, especially pastel or sky themed ones. Depending on how it's coordinated, it would also work well together with other japanese/harajuku fashions such as fairy kei or decora.

 Suggested occasions for use
This barrette has a cute look due to it's colorways and style, which makes it work well for meetups, summer events, tea parties and fashion shows.

 Colors of the item
The barrette is mostly sax, but also has pink, white, silver, yellow, mint, brown and purple in it.