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Dreamy Heart Badge Set (Flower) from SWIMMER


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 Condition: A
New in packaging.

This is an adorable set of two heart-shaped badges from SWIMMER featuring two designs, flowers and a swan. The flower badge is mostly mint with a the word "Baby" in the middle and an outline of daisies. The swan badge is mostly pink with a brand logo and a swan wearing a bow around its neck and a crown. The badges are approximately 6 x 6 cm each.

 Prints, materials and themes
Hearts, flowers, floral, daisies, writing, bows, crowns, swans, sweets, pastels, pins, and brand logos.

☆ Suggested coordinate tips
These badges would look adorable with sweet lolita and OTT sweet lolita. The badges would also work well with fairy kei, decora, and casual styles. They would look cute pinned to the collar of a blouse or attached to a cardigan or bag.

 Suggested occasions for use
Wear these pins for meet ups, carnivals, tea parties, shopping, or just everyday wear!

 Colors of the item
The badges are pink, mint green, white, purple, yellow, and gold.