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Elegant Bracelet Set in Black x Gold x Silver from Paris Kid’s

Paris Kid's

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 Condition: A
New and never used.

This is an elegant set of 8 bracelets from the brand Paris Kid's. The bracelets are overall fairly thin and feature stunning beads of several different colors, such as black, silver, grey, gold, and ivory. They are in various shapes and styles, such as pearls, small beads, hearts, and even clear beads. A stunning and versatile set, perfect to match an elegant wardrobe!

 Prints, materials and themes
Beads, pearls, and hearts.

☆ Suggested coordinate tips
These bracelets are perfect for wear with various styles, such as classic lolita, elegant lolita, gothic lolita, aristocrat, casual lolita, otome kei, gothic gyaru, and even alternative styles. They can be worn together or separately, or coordinated together as desired as the bracelets are not tied together. T
hey would look adorable worn with an outfit that has hints of black, gold, or silver! 

 Suggested occasions for use
These bracelets are perfect worn together for fancy occasions, such as tea parties, evening dinners, or trips to museums and palaces. They can be worn individually for more casual, every day wear!

 Colors of the item
These bracelets are black, gold, ivory, grey, and silver.