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[Felicitations] Stripe Rosette Brooch in White x Black

Off-Brand / Unknown

Regular price $10.00

☆ Condition: C
Used condition with several spots/stains.

☆ Description
The brooch is designed in the style of a rosette, and has a striped pattern on the ribbon. The center of the brooch has the world 'felicitations' on it, as well as a ribbon bow. 
Measurements: Approx. 22 x 13 cm.

☆ Prints, materials and themes
Stripes, writing, ribbons, frills, and bows. 

☆ Suggested coordinate tips
This brooch would make a nice item for classic lolita, elegant lolita, and maybe even sailor lolita. It can also work with otome kei styles. 

☆ Suggested occasions for use
The brooch can be placed on bags and purses, or on the chest/torso area of an outfit. Great for meet ups, fashion shows, halloween and formal/royal events. 

☆ Colors of the item
The item is white and black.