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Gantaiteigoku “Wayward Child” Original Notepaper (L-50) from Imai Kira

Imai Kira

Regular price $1.50

 Condition: C
New and never used, but is has had some rough storage time, which has caused creases and smaller signs of wear.

This is the price for 1 piece of paper as pictured, featuring an adorable print drawn by Imai Kira. The print is of a girl in a pink dress hugging some stuffed bears. The background features pink hearts and green and cream plaid. The writing "Wayward Child" is above some dotted lines, which you can write on if desired. It is approximately 18 x 12.2 cm in size.

☆ Prints, materials and themes
Girls, tartan/plaid, hearts, bows, bears, writing, and paper.

 Suggested occasions for use
This piece of paper can be used as a cute decoration for your room or for scrap booking! It could also be used for writing short notes for presents or for writing a cute letter for your pen pal or friend. Given the heart theme, you could make this paper into a cute personalized Valentine with a special message for your loved one!