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Heart Ribbon Frill Pin/Clip Rosette in Pink x Lavender from Pastel Skies

Pastel Skies

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 Condition: A
New and never used. It is a Pastel Skies creation that turned out a little crooked (the pin/clip part)

This darling clip from Pastel Skies features a chiffon ruffle, pink satin bow, and adorable lavender heart charm. The perfect accent for any sweet lolita coordinate!

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Diameter: approx. 9.7 cm

 Prints, materials and themes
Hearts, Bows, Chiffon, Bows and Satin.

☆ Suggested coordinate tips
This darling clip would look super cute with any pink and lavender coordinate, clipped in your hair as an accent or pinned to a cardigan or blouse as a brooch!

 Suggested occasions for use
This versatile clip would be perfect for meetups, tea parties, or just getting coffee with friends!

 Colors of the item
This clip is pink and lavender.