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Ispahan Necklace in Yellow from HEXENHAUS


Regular price $35.00

 Condition: B/C
Used condition with some minor damage to the bottom part of the macaron.

This adorable necklace from HEXENHAUS features a pearl chain, small utensil charms, and a large macaron pendant in yellow and pink. The macaron has all sorts of little details like faux strawberries embedded in the cream, a little logo charm, and a cute striped bow accent.

 Prints, materials and themes
Sweets, Macarons, Stripes, Pearls, and Utensils.

☆ Suggested coordinate tips
Pair this with any sort of cute sweets print, especially one that features macarons! Or add this to a pink and yellow coordinate for an added cute touch! 

 Suggested occasions for use
This necklace would be perfect for any tea party or meetup, but especially one at a sweet shop or with a sweet theme!

 Colors of the item
This necklace is yellow, pink, white, and gold.