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KERA! Magazine vol 131, July 2009 (C) With Poster


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 Condition: C
The left bottom corner on the front side is bent, and some several of the pages inside are bent; also slight overall wear to the surface of the front side and back side (tiny shallow scratches and dents); otherwise in good condition.

A used KERA magazine. The magazine is heavy because of the many pages with fashion, guides, etc. This one has a BPN double sided poster, showing the months of July to December of 2009 included.
Brands featured in KERA usually includes Black Peace Now, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Angelic Pretty, Suppurate system, Maximam and Moi meme moitie.
*The pictures for this magazine are not of this specific magazine. Pictures will be updated, as soon as we have them. 

 Suggested occasions for use
This magazine contains pictures and guides for several different harajuku fashion styles. It can be used for inspiration, information about current garments or for scrap booking. The included poster can be used for decorating your room.