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Logo with Stripes Tote Bag in Red x White from Metamorphose temps de fille

Metamorphose temps de fille

Regular price $15.00

 Condition: C
Used with some smaller signs of wear and some minor dirt.

This adorable tote bag from Metamorphose features a logo with vines and a crown, and cute stripe accents! An absolutely perfect bag for the lolita who has a lot of things to carry!

 Prints, materials and themes
Crowns, Vines, Brand Logos and Stripes.

☆ Suggested coordinate tips
This tote is perfect with a red old school lolita coordinate, or pair it with something sailor style for a cute nautical look!

 Suggested occasions for use
Carry this tote to meetups or conventions where you have a little more to carry, or use it to take your books to class!

 Colors of the item
This tote is red and white.