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Lunch Bowl Set in Light Pink (Dog) from Chocoholic


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 Condition: A
New in plastic.

These adorable stacking bowls from Chocoholic will keep your lunch warm and safe, and most importantly looking super cute! Pink with a print of dogs, bows, and sparkles, this set locks together with several separating lids and a cute little band. Most of the parts can withstand between minus 20 and plus 80 degrees celsius, while the inner side tray, can withstand as high as 120 degrees celcius. Inner tray is 180 ml, while the bottom tray is 250 ml.

 Suggested occasions for use
This cute lunch bowl set is perfect for every day use! Bring with you to school or work, to add a little extra cuteness yo your lunch breaks~ Or place in plain sight, on your desk top at home or such, as a cute decoration. It can be used to store food for lunch, but can also be used to store other things for decoration.

 Prints, materials and themes
Dogs, Bows, Sparkles, Brand Names, and Cherries!