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Miracle Candy Spare Button and Fabric Swatch in Pink from Angelic Pretty

Angelic Pretty

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☆ Condition: A
New and never used.

☆ Description
This is a spare button and a fabric swatch from Angelic Pretty's Miracle Candy series. The button is solid pink with a pretty design that sort of resembles a lollipop. The fabric swatch is a small square as pictured, that is mostly pink with a small hint of a pink, cream, and yellow candy.

☆ Prints, materials and themes
Solid colors, candy, sweets, pastels, fabric swatch, and buttons.

☆ Suggested occasions for use
This set is perfect in case you need a spare/replacement button for one of your items from AP's Miracle Candy line! It could also be used in case you are interested in purchasing something from the series, but you want a sample of the color to see if it fits in with your wardrobe. It can also be used as odds and ends for crafting!

☆ Colors of the item
The button is pink, and the fabric swatch is pink with hints of cream and yellow.