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Pastel Heart Macaron Ring in Pink x Mint from Pastel Skies

Pastel Skies

Regular price $12.00

 Condition: A
New and never used. Made by hand, so quality might differ.

This darling ring from Pastel Skies features a half pink and half mint heart-shaped faux macaron, perfect for adding a sweet touch to any coordinate!

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Height: approx. 3 cm
Width: approx. 3.5 cm

 Prints, materials and themes
Macarons, Sweets, Food and Hearts.

☆ Suggested coordinate tips
Wear this ring with a macaron-themed print for an extra cute matching coordinate, or pair it with any pink or mint coordinate for an adorable accent! It could also work well with fairy key, decora and otome styles.

 Suggested occasions for use
Wear this ring for meetups, tea parties, or just out to sample sweets and drink coffee with friends!

 Colors of the item
This ring is pink, mint and white.