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Peace Biscuit Band in Chocolate Biscuit (Brown) from Q-pot


Regular price $18.00

 Condition: B
Used but in good condition with no visible flaws.

This is an adorable biscuit bracelet/band from Q-pot. The band is sold brown in color and features cute biscuits with a brand logo inside. The band has “I Japan” written on the inside, as well as Q-pot's website URL. These bands were originally made to help support the children and their families affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. This campaign is old, and not affiliated with Lolita Desu! The listed price is for 1 band/bracelet.

 Prints, materials and themes
Biscuits, cookies, brand logos, and solid colors.

☆ Suggested coordinate tips
This bracelet would work great with sweet lolita, classic sweet lolita, classic lolita, casual lolita, or otome kei styles. It would work especially well with brown outfits that feature a biscuit or sweets theme. Pair it with other biscuit accessories, such as a bag, for a super sweet look!

 Suggested occasions for use
This bracelet is perfect for café trips, bakery visits, picnics, or candy shops!

 Colors of the item
This bracelet is brown.