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Polka Dot Chocolate Ring in Brown from Angelic Pretty (A)

Angelic Pretty

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Condition: A
The ring seems new and unused, since it hasn't been adjusted yet.

A cute plastic chocolate "smartie" ring in dark brown from Angelic Pretty. On the front of the chocolate ring is written "AP" in white. The ring is adjustable.

According to Lolibrary:
Alloy Motif:
Vertical: About 1.4cm
Width: About 1.4cm
Ring: Free (size)

Prints, materials and themes
Writing, plastic and chocolate.

☆ Suggested coordinate tips
The ring would work great with sweet lolita and classic lolita coordinates, especially chocolate themed ones.

Suggested occasions for use
This ring has a elegant and sweet look, which makes it work well for meetups, tea parties/café visits, picnics or fashion walks.

Colors of the item
The ring is mostly brown, but also has white in it.