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Portable Game Machine Cover (New 3DS LL Only) in Light Pink from SWIMMER


Regular price $18.50

 Condition: A
New and never used.

This is an adorable portable game machine cover from SWIMMER, compatible with the new Nintendo 3DS LL only. The cover is light pink with cute strawberries and flowers on the front, as well as a brand logo. The cover can be opened and is light pink inside with a section that can hold your portable gaming system in place.

H 10.7 × W 16.8 × D3.5 cm

 Prints, materials and themes
Strawberries, berries, flowers, daisies, leaves, hearts, and brand logos.

 Suggested occasions for use
This cover is useful for protecting your new 3DS LL while making it look adorable at the same time! 

 Colors of the item
This cover is pink, green, white and yellow.