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Princess Fairytale (Carriage) Necklace in Gold from Axes Femme

Axes Femme

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 Condition: A
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This beautiful two-tiered necklace from Axes Femme features a top shorter chain with sparkly beads and a red heart pendant, and a longer chain with a big carriage charm! There's a sweet brown bow above the carriage and a cute little shoe hanging from it, for a Cinderella feeling! The perfect necklace for any fairy tale princess!

 Prints, materials and themes
Hearts, Carriages, Shoes, Bows, Fairy Tales, and Royalty!

☆ Suggested coordinate tips
This necklace would look lovely paired with a Cinderella-themed print, especially something in a more muted color scheme with a sweet/classic lolita feel! Pair it with other Cinderella themed jewelry for a very matchy cute look!

 Suggested occasions for use
This necklace is perfect for any fancy meetups or tea parties, especially fairy tale themed ones!

 Colors of the item
This necklace is gold, brown, and red.