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Royal Glitter Pastel Moon Necklace

Off-Brand / Unknown

Regular price $20.00

☆ Condition: C
Used condition with discoloration/dirt to some of the metal parts.

☆ Description
This necklace has a moon motif that is decorated with many smaller pieces. The moon has a tiny key, a lock, pearls, heart gems, and stars. There is also a star charm dangling from the top of the moon. The chain of the necklace is adjustable.
Measurements: Approx. 55 cm long 

☆ Prints, materials and themes
Features moons, pearls, stars, hearts, gems, keys, locks, glitter, and an adjustable chain. 

☆ Suggested coordinate tips
The necklace can be worn with sweet lolita, classic lolita, hime lolita, otome kei, fairy kei, girly kei, and decora styles. It can be paired with moon themed clothing or clothing with the same color schemes. 

☆ Suggested occasions for use
The necklace is great for meet ups, tea parties, small outings, day trips, photoshoots, fashion shows, mall trips, and much more!

☆ Colors of the item
The item has many colors, including gold, pink, sax, and silver.