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Seal Badge

Off-Brand / Unknown

Regular price $3.50

☆ Condition: B
Used, but good condition with no visible flaws.

☆ Description
This is an adorable badge featuring an anime-style print of a seal! The badge is round and small, and it has a silver pin on the back for easy attachment to items such as your clothing or bags.

Approx. 3 cm in diameter.

☆ Prints, materials and themes
Seals, animals, anime/cartoon-style print, and pins.

☆ Suggested coordinate tips
This cute badge can be worn with various casual styles, as well as fairy kei, decora, and pop kei. It can be pinned to your clothing, bag, purse, or hat for a cute touch to any outfit!

☆ Suggested occasions for use
This badge can be worn to conventions, parties, concerts, while hanging with friends or doing everyday activities!

☆ Colors of the item
This badge is teal, white, yellow, black, pink, and brown.