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[THE PRINCESS MUSIC] Heart Round Rosette Badge in Mint

Off-Brand / Unknown

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☆ Condition: D
Used condition with some dirt to the bottom part and a tiny dot of dirt to the badge part. Also has a small scratch on the decoration ribbon.

☆ Description
This is a cute badge which has a mint green ribbon border in the style of a rosette. The center of the badge features a heart and the writing "THE PRINCESS MUSIC". Hanging from the badge is a mint ribbon with white writing that says "BEST SONG FOR YOU", with three cute hearts and XOXOs. The back of the badge features a silver pin, which can be fastened to clothing or a bag. Perfect for a music lover!

Approx. 20.5 cm long. The badge part's diameter is approx. 7.5 cm.

☆ Prints, materials and themes
Ribbons, rosettes, writing, hearts, pastels, music, badges, and pins.

☆ Suggested coordinate tips
This badge is perfect for wear with OTT sweet lolita, and various Japanese fashions, such as fairy kei, pop kei, and SPANK!. It would look cute worn as part of a pastel outfit that features a music theme!

☆ Suggested occasions for use
The badge can be placed on clothing, as well as bags or purses for a cute touch to your outfit. It would be great worn to concerts, meet ups, parties, carnivals, and any other fun event!

☆ Colors of the item
This badge is mint, white, lavender, and pink.