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Toy’s Hospital “Skip” Hand Mirror from Imai Kira

Imai Kira

Regular price $15.00

 Condition: A
New and never used.

This is a cute round mirror from Imai Kira featuring a toy's hospital theme. The mirror has beautiful artwork on one side which includes a black background with a sax cross, a nurse girl, a bandaged teddy bear, and an IV. The other side features only the mirror.

Measurements: Approx. 7.4 cm.

 Prints, materials and themes
Toys, stuffed animals, medical, hospital, doctor, crosses, and mirrors.

 Suggested occasions for use
This mirror can be used to help you apply makeup or fix your hair! It is small enough to carry in a purse or bag to take with you while you are on the go, or it can be left on display on your vanity table. It would also make a cute present for a friend who likes toys or medical themed items.

 Colors of the item
This mirror is black, off-white, sax, grey, lavender, and yellow.