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Twinkle Accessory Bracelet (Red Ribbon) from SWIMMER


Regular price $15.00

☆ Condition: C
Used condition with discoloration of the metal parts and signs of general wear.

☆ Description
This bracelet has a large red bow as the main piece of the item. The bow has small dots on it, a heart heart gem in the center, and the word 'love' written near one of the bottom corners. There is also a small charm bead hanging underneath it. The rest of the bracelet consists of heart beads, round beads, and pearls, and one star charm. The bracelet is made of elastic. 

☆ Prints, materials and themes
Features beads, hearts, pearls, bows, dots, charms, elastic

☆ Suggested coordinate tips
This bracelet can be paired with any red clothing items and accessories, and would make a nice addition to a Valentine's coordinate. Specifically, the item would work well with classic sweet lolita, decora, and some otome styles. 

☆ Suggested occasions for use
The bracelet can be worn to meet ups, tea parties, fashion shows, photo shoots, and Valentine's themed events/ 

☆ Colors of the item
The item is red, white, and silver.