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Whip Jacquard Ribbon Barrette in Milk Tea (Beige) from Angelic Pretty

Angelic Pretty

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 Condition: B
Used, but in good condition with no visible flaws. 

This barrette is a milk tea color, and has a shell cream design as a print. The bow also has pearl designs, and text, which happens to be the brand's name (Angelic Pretty). The lace that borders the ends of the barrette are a gold color, and on the back of the barrette is the silver alligator clip. 

According to Lolibrary: 
Body:Original Jacquard(100% cotton)

Torchon Lace

Silver Brackets

 Prints, materials and themes
This item features pearls, creams and text. 

☆ Suggested coordinate tips
Due to the color, the barrette would go well with mori kei styles, as well as classic lolita and maybe some hime lolita coordinates.

 Suggested occasions for use
The barrette can be worn as an accessory for everyday activities, such as school and shopping/going to the mall. However, it can also be worn to meet ups, bakery visits, café visits, and even tea parties. 

 Colors of the item
This item is listed as the color 'milk tea' (a beige color), and has gold lace.